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Murray Bridge is a busy aerodrome with 3 flying schools on the field. Flight training is the primary activity so for safety, please:

  • No straight-in approaches when there is other circuit traffic.
  • No precautionary searches
  • No intersection departures
  • Aircraft taking off from RWY 09/27 are not visible from RWY 20/02 threshold
  • Gliders, ultralight aircraft and aerobatic aircraft operate from the field

Aerodrome Status

Unofficial: temporary height increase over Murray Bridge Military Training area
The Department of Defence has permanent restricted airspace (R290B) over the Murray Bridge Military Training Area, which has a vertical limit of 7,500 feet. This is to safely accommodate the firing of military weaponry.

Occasional requests are made to temporarily increase the restricted airspace up to 10,000 feet for a period of 4 days. Check NOTAM.

Adelaide Model Aerosport Inc
Adelaide Model Aerosport Inc, who fly radio controlled models from 3661 Old Princes Highway, Monarto South at the coordinates S35° 06′ 59.33″, E139° 10′ 2.47″, are applying for renewal of their RPAS Area Approval of 2000 feet, as depicted on current and previous Aeronautical charts. In particular see the Adelaide Visual Terminal Chart and Adelaide Visual Navigation Chart (see extract below) released 15 June 2023.

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Aircraft Parking

Aircraft parking is available on the NW side of RWY 02/20.

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overhead map of murray bridge aerodrome


Self-service AVGAS fuel bowser. Credit card payments can be made by downloading the CompacPay app on your phone.

Please note: the fuel bowser is managed by Stark Aviation / Flying Fuels. For enquiries please phone 0433 469 488.

Runway Lighting

Runway lighting is available. Call ARO for activation 0422 755 831. Fees may apply.

Flight Training

Flight training is conducted by four organisations based at the aerodrome and can take place up to 15 nautical miles north of the aerodrome. Numerous outside training organisations also use the aerodrome. 

It is important that students and low time pilots be given priority. There will be wide circuits and extended finals as they focus on their circuit procedures and getting the aircraft back on the ground safely.

Don’t confuse them by suggesting or asking for priority landing, that is, a tight circuit inside their pattern. If they have to consider ‘has the aerobatic aircraft cleared my path?’, ‘has it landed?’, ‘is it off the runway?” etc, it could cause confusion and a work overload situation, which could lead to mishaps.

Just bite the bullet and slot in behind a training aircraft. If an instructor is on board you may receive a call to take the number one slot, otherwise maintain a comfortable distance and wait your turn.

Facilities at the Aerodrome

Windsock Lounge for visiting pilots, toilet block in carpark. Secured with 4-digit codes corresponding to the CTAF frequency. Command Flight Training welcomes visiting pilots for a coffee 9am to 4pm 7 days a week, unless the weather is rubbish and we all go home instead!

Dust Mitigation

The Murray Bridge Aerodrome is in a semi-arid area. Your handling of your aircraft on gravel can affect other aerodrome users. Please be considerate by ensuring that you:

  1. Direct your slipstream away from other aircraft, hangars and buildings (and manually turn your aircraft to achieve this, if necessary)
  2. Use minimal power settings while taxiing
  3. Do runups on the brick paved holding areas
  4. On take off, open the throttle gently to prevent propeller damage

Monarto Zoo

No low flying over Monarto Zoo.

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Neighbouring Properties

No aerobatics over Schubert’s farm house

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Aerobatic Box

Prior to using the aerobatic box you must:

  • Contact the AD OPR for permission
  • Be a member of the Australian Aerobatic Club 

We welcome flying enthusiasts to the aerodrome. For information about aerobatics contact the AD OPR or the Australian Aerobatic Club.